Eggnog Bread

12 ingredients

3 c. flour
1/2 c. sugar
4 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
1 egg, beaten
1 3/4 c. dairy eggnog
1/2 c. vegetable oil
1/2 c. chopped pecans
1/2 c. raisins
1/2 c. powdered sugar
2 to 3 tsp. eggnog

In a large mixing bowl, stir together all of the dry ingredients. In a second bowl, mix the egg, eggnog and oil and slowly mix in the dry ingredients. Mix in the nuts and raisins last. Pour mixture into a large greased loaf pan. Bake in a 350°F oven for 60 to 765 minutes. Allow bread to cool in pan for 10 minutes after removing from the oven. Remove bread from pan and allow to cool on a wire rack.

To glaze, stir together powdered sugar and enough eggnog to make glaze and pour over the bread.

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